Cat Crazy

We are super excited and slightly crazy to have three new additions to the family. Let me introduce you to Pearl, Milo & Gizmo. Our Maltese Jensen has thankfully taken in all in his stride. The three are already great friends. Follow my Instagram and Facebook Page for more pictures.

milo  gizmo  this is pearlJensen

Some of you may know of the terribly loss felt by our family at the loss of our two beloved cats last year, Archie & Hancock. They could never be replaced but there was an enormous cat shaped hole in our hearts. We feel so blessed to be able to welcome our new kittens and shower them with love!! Now if I can just peel myself away from the cuteness overload, I will make some sweet thank you cards featuring the fun Stampin! Up! stamp sets Pretty Kitty {141861} and Bella & Friends{141867}.

Pretty Kitty  Bella and Friends

#crazycatlady #cutenessoverload #imreadyformycloseup #blessed

I hope you are all having a wonderful time also!

Kind sentiments

Linda xx

Sentimental Stamping Linda         Sentimental Stamping Signature         social media icons

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